Monday, January 30, 2012

A Thought from The Film Dolls

Legitimate Bodies Dance Company is a dance company in the Irish Midlands, what sort of a dance company is up to me and us (Nick Bryson and Cristina Goletti) to decide. I am very attached to routine, you might think that that tells you nothing but actually it tells you everything. I wonder if it is possible to run a publicly funded arts organisation with no fear of rejection. That is my hypothesis for 2012. I want to write about the proximity to depression a kind of cyclical rhythm in the mood and that this is part of the routine I am talking about. This is with expressed aim of not hiding anything. I do not know why other people and more specifically artists post anything on a blog but I can say I do it because it is better than doing nothing. From what I am writing you can tell I am watching a Japanese film...which is true. It is called 'Dolls'. We do not hide these feelings and end up with a sort of 'uncivilised art' (Dark Mountain Project) where we enter deeply enter into the mood we are in. Just fight like crazy, until we are not fighting like crazy and everything flows again in the mind and body. It is like a little bridge to when we are hungry again for our dinner and we might want to write explanations of the benefit of contemporary dance again to the general public. So the best I can do is a kind of active viewing of films, like a kind of a bridge in the cycle of moods.

You catch me as a new convert to blogging. It is absolutely key that such reads as a stream of consciousness. I am dance artist in residence in Birr, County Offaly. What on earth does that mean? It is a bog standard residency in Ireland. Don’t worry I am just being provocative. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was travelling across from Holland to Germany in a train. It is a strange dichotomy as usual or not as usual. I am an artist who needs to return and explore and think, it is not a luxury. I am not embittered, no it is just that I cannot be the whole of the machine. That is how I described it to other contemporary dance practitioners in the Midlands.

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